Games with great stories (that I’ve played)

There’s many more that I haven’t has the chance to play, but here’s a list from PS4 & 2 Games from PSone, maybe someday I’ll write about what I thought of on some of these games… anyway

<< The Top’s Top >>

1) The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt and 2 DLC

2) The Last of Us

3) The Last of Us Part 2

4) GTA 5

<< The Top >>

5) Final Fantasy VII Remake

6,7,8,9) All the Telltale Games : The Walking Dead series, Batman, Borderlands, Game of Thrones

10) Life is Strange

11) Metal Gear Solid (PSone)

12) Final Fantasy 7 (PSone)

<< Runner Up >>

13) Spider Man (2018)

14) God of War (2018)

15) Heavy Rain

16) Detroit : Become Human

<< Just Because >>

Some said these are great stories game, but somehow I find it lacking, usually because of the character(s) sometimes lack growth or depth, or the story and gameplay are not tight enough :

17) Unchartered 4

18) Horizon Zero Dawn

19) Until Dawn (Great horror I guess?)

<< Others >>

20) Nier Automata (I didn’t finish, see reason similar to below)

21) Red Dead Redemption II (I didn’t finish, so probably it’s at the list above, I find the world’s too big for me to roam, ive no time, please tell me where to go in order to orchestrate the best story telling)

22) What remains of Edith Finch (just not my type of story)

To be continue…?

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