Talking to Strangers by Malcolm Gladwell

Just gonna write something before i dive into my books.

In summary, we suck at ‘reading’ strangers, especially those that fit into our ‘weirdo’ category, they are often mistaken, mislabelled, and misjudge.
The book offer a few very interesting stories to press the point

  • CIA getting fooled by Cuba’s intelligence agency (dozens of CIA agents turn out to be working for Cuba)
  • Neville Chamberlain (Political ‘newbie’) and Lord Halifax (Foreign Secretary, seasoned politician) misread and fooled by Hitler promises (before WW2 happens)
  • Judges misjudge defendant/criminal, judge call up the defendant to ‘look them in the eye’ for whether they’re remorse, should be be allow bail? ……..Group of Harvard’s computer scientist build an AI that ‘read the same things’ that judges read, ………..comparing the results that Judge vs AI, turns out – AI produce better results. (Better results means that the defendant that AI choose to allow bail, are less likely to commit a crime within X years after); AI name is Mullainathan
  • Infamous pedophiles, sex offenders (eg Penn State University, US Gymnast team) have the same issues, people trust them that there’s nothing wrong with them, ‘he’s just good with kids’ etc etc.
  • We choose to trust, we choose to think of the good side of people, that’s how we’re wired, and how the society function as a whole. People who’re able to ‘tell the truth’ are often ‘weird’ and unable to fit into society norm. (The ‘truth teller’ are often call The Holy Fool fyi)

The book talk about issues with

  • Consent, and especially under alcohol influence
  • Torture, how a 15minute of torture will distort memory (severely!)
  • Chances, why we need to have suicide prevention system in place to prevent suicide, the logic of ‘people who want to kill themselves will find ways to kill themselves) is flawed and incorrect

21 Lessons for the 21st Centuries – Part C

The book by Yuval Noah Harari.

This is a personal commentary/opinion/summary, it may be affected by my personal bias; after all if you’re interested, go read the book.

(I’lll edit as i further revise the book back and forth)


  • Education : To focus on reinvent yourself or to the future generation as the world will keep changing
  • Meaning : Life and Universe is not a story depicts by story from religion, nationalism or any other story, life is complicated.
  • Meditation : If there’s no meaning, whats the point? focus on the present (hence meditation), focus on the suffering (which is real) and find ways to improve it.

Games with great stories (that I’ve played)

There’s many more that I haven’t has the chance to play, but here’s a list from PS4 & 2 Games from PSone, maybe someday I’ll write about what I thought of on some of these games… anyway

<< The Top’s Top >>

1) The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt and 2 DLC

2) The Last of Us

3) The Last of Us Part 2

4) GTA 5

<< The Top >>

5) Final Fantasy VII Remake

6,7,8,9) All the Telltale Games : The Walking Dead series, Batman, Borderlands, Game of Thrones

10) Life is Strange

11) Metal Gear Solid (PSone)

12) Final Fantasy 7 (PSone)

<< Runner Up >>

13) Spider Man (2018)

14) God of War (2018)

15) Heavy Rain

16) Detroit : Become Human

<< Just Because >>

Some said these are great stories game, but somehow I find it lacking, usually because of the character(s) sometimes lack growth or depth, or the story and gameplay are not tight enough :

17) Unchartered 4

18) Horizon Zero Dawn

19) Until Dawn (Great horror I guess?)

<< Others >>

20) Nier Automata (I didn’t finish, see reason similar to below)

21) Red Dead Redemption II (I didn’t finish, so probably it’s at the list above, I find the world’s too big for me to roam, ive no time, please tell me where to go in order to orchestrate the best story telling)

22) What remains of Edith Finch (just not my type of story)

To be continue…?

21 Lessons for the 21st Century – Part B

The book by Yuval Noah Harari.

This is a personal commentary/opinion/summary, it may be affected by my personal bias; after all if you’re interested, go read the book.

(I’lll edit as i further revise the book back and forth)

Despair and Hope

  • Terrorism : Minimal impact, maximum result. Fear is the factor, statistic doesnt matter. Media to be blame as co-cospirators?
  • War becomes digital, traditional warfare just doesnt work anymore, besides everyone clearly knows that the nuclear will obliterate all of us/them
  • Humility : All religion, culture, country believe that they’re the center of the world — but its not, more often then not, our genetics have already ‘build’ what is right, a chimpanzee will care for the young without god’s teaching.
  • God : Believing in God doesnt make you a moral person, on the other hand, not believing in god does not make you an amoral person.
  • Secular : Committed to truth and compassion, but always ask yourself the tough question, such as “what was the biggest mistake of your ideal/belief/worldview committed?”.
  • Ignorance : Our brain has not evolve to the urban life, our brain still thinks like hunter gatherer. Do you know how a zip works? Human are group thinking animals, we think in group; individuality is a myth.
  • Justice : Justice is not as simple as 10000 years ago, are you at fault for buying a shoe that is made in sweat shop with horrible conditions? The world is too complicated for us to judge what is right or wrong, there’s 3 commonly used but flawed, if not base-less method.
    • 1st: to boil everything down to simple – rudimentary equation; good vs evil, Assad regimes vs Rebes = Good vs Bad.
    • 2nd: a touching human story, a tragic story of a girl is likely to win over hearts (and purse) of a statistical ones.
    • 3rd: To use conspirasy; 20 Billionairs controls the world.
  • Post truth: Since beginning of time, we’ve use stories (often lies) to sell a news, to sell a story, ‘post-truth’ has never really leaves us. If you believe a fictional news for a month people will call it ‘fake-news’; If you believe a fictional news for a thousand years, people will call it ‘religion’. Fiction is not necessary bad, it can be ugly but also beautiful and inspiring. Truth and Power can only travel hand in hand so far, if you pursue the truth, sooner or later you will have to renounce power because you have to admit your wrong doing, and hence losing followers, losing unity. On the other hand, if you pursue power, fiction often works way better then truth, crafting a fictional story is often what unites people.
  • Science fiction: The role of science fiction shouldnt be underestimated, its a starting point of how humans understand AIs and highly technical topics.

To be continue…

21 Lessons for the 21st Century – Part A

The book by Yuval Noah Harari.

This is a personal commentary/opinion/summary, it may be affected by my personal bias; after all if you’re interested, go read the book.

(I’lll edit as i further revise the book back and forth)


  • People lags behind as technology advance
  • Work will/may gradually disappear
  • Politics will be powered by technology (even when they said its what God wants)
  • Inequality


  • Communities are bridge by technology now, but we still have bodies…
  • Civilisation is ruled by dollar (for now), if you encounter a person who wanna live in 7th century, ask him whether will he/she burns all the dollar bill he posses.
  • Nationalism, as countries close border (like Brexit or Trump) but they still want free trade, no countries can survive 100% alone in this era.
  • We’re facing increasingly global challenge (environment, nuclear, technology), global challenge requires global solution; example, just because X country ban genetics modification, doesnt mean Y country will. And if Y country pursue genetic modification, X country will definitely follow the footsteps.
  • Religion : did well in some area – or especially in the past, but resulted in many of the challenge the world faces today.
  • Immigration : Do all human have the responsiblity to other human, because the globalised world are too inter-connected; or do government listen to voters? if voters say no to immigration, no woman or child that suffers in neighbouring country should be allow in?
  • Racism or culturism? “Its their culture” makes people discriminate? CultureA works well in CountryA, personA work in countryB, he/she wont be able to fit in, and hence racism appear as he/she is not promoted, faces challenge daily.

The less I know, the higher risk it gets.

In this case, at least from investment perspective, it doesn’t mean “high risk = high return”

Alright, this is not a post about blockchain. But let’s take the crpyto craze for example, blockchain are trusted by many, truly understand by a few, as because it’s easy to earn trust, all you need is a few names, with some respected professional past, sugar coat it. *BAM*, hooked and railed in;

Anyway, live long and prosper.

iPad Mini 1 (Wifi)- Downgrade from iOS 9.3.5 to iOS 6.1.3

i Love Apple, i own a Mac Book Air, a Mac Book Pro, countless iPhone, Few iPads thru out the years, i’ve an iPad Mini 1 (Wifi) as my bed side reading device, but its slow on iOS 9.3.5, and too bad i cant install the much aclaimed iOS 12…so..its time to downgrade it from iOS 9.3.5 to iOS 6.1.3.

This post is for myself, in case i need to repeat the process again, so yea, fuck off if you think my english is too hard to understand.; and i’m writing this based on memory and i’ve a bad memory.

Step by Step from zero to hero. Make sure all the link below works before proceeding, otherwise i’ve all the files stored in my HDD, i wont give you stranger, otherwise i’ll get you to pay bitcoin for it; and i wont guarantee it works for you.

Step 0) Wipe Content and Settings from your current iOS 9.3.5, create a new Apple ID for the new device, especially you’re iOS Developer

Step 1) (Mac OS) Install CydiaImpactor Link

Step 2) Download Phoenix Link

Step 3) Download Mobile Terminal from [here] (you will have to sign it yourself using the iOS Signer Tool, download it from here. (i steal this sentence from  Mary Jane of iOS Gods here), basically you need to convert the .deb to .ipa

Step 4) Open Up Cydia Impactor > Device > Install Package , and select Phonix.ipa; key in your new Apple ID and Password (You may need to create app specific password from apple account)

Step 5) Open Up Phoenix, but there’s some error, go to iOS Settings > General > Certificate Trust Setting….go in and click Trust

Step 6) Open up Phoenix again, click “Kickstart…”,  then select the default settings…after awhile you device will restart

Step 7) Cydia should be in you device, open up Cydia

Step 8) If there’s some dkpg status error, you’re in shit, you’ll then need a windows PC. there may be a redsn0w error or sth, but that doesnt matter. If not, proceed to Step 13

Step 9) Open up Cydia Impactor again, > Device > Install Package , and select the new IPA that you created. Mobile Terminal app should appear in your iOS Device, maybe you need to repeat the trust thing in General Settings again,

Step 10) If you’ve error in Step 8, probably when you open up Mobile Terminal, there’s some sandbox fork error also.

Step 11) In Win PC (win7), install ifunbox link (Mac OS iFunbox doesnt have require function; USB Tunneling, so fucking get a Windows PC).

Step 12) Download this ‘Lib’ link

Step 13) Connect your device to the Windows PC and open up iFunBox, your device should be connected, go to ibooks section, and drag the ‘lib’ folder into it.

Step 14) Download Putty link

Step 15) There’a a tool section in iFunBox, and within there;s a ‘USB Tunneling’, open up, inside it should have something of port 22, and IP address of

Step 16) Open Putty.exe and for host put “” Keep port at 22 and make sure SSH is checked. When the terminal pops up Login as “root” password is “alpine”. Now you should see “iPhone:~ root#” (this sentence i steal it from here)

type su

type in your password. default is alpine

type: cp -R /var/mobile/Media/Books/lib /var Pay attention, there’s a fucking space behind /var

Step 17) Open up Cydia again, the dpkg status error should be gone. Go source > edit > add

Step 18) Cydia > Search  search for Coolbooter, install and open it.

Step 19) Open up Coolbooter, install iOS 6.1.3, and select verbose (its only a different loading screen; non verbose means default Apple logo),  it will download (takes time) and reboot., the next time it reboot, open up coolbooter and click ‘boot’ , it should go into iOS 6.1.3. If you cant open up Coolbooter, open up Phoenix app and jailbreak again, the next time it restart, Coolbooter should be able to start up.

Step 20) To go back to iOS 9.3.5, just restart your device, you need to use Coolbooter in iOS 9 to boot into iOS 6.1.3 .

Voila, fucking finally. My iPad Mini 1 is as good as new in 2018; of course security is a huge concern for old OS, so please only use it for non critical stuff, like reading, youtube or something like that, get it???!!




Nationalistic and Patriotic – A hidden agenda

Hallway of isolation and oasis

It is good to be nationalistic and patriotic, it’s a value that drives you to push the envelope further, the share common sentiment, to be less racist (race based politics is a different story), to work harder for the country, and in return, the country will compensate and treat you well (maybe)

A common enemy will unite us.

However, how our country uses us to its advantage? Country lie, deceive us using state run media, overwhelming Facebook strategy and plenty of fake news and anti-[enemy name]-sentiment?

Degrading another nation, race, country in order to advance their own?

I believe we should be more empathetic, to know all humans are the same, we need to eat, live, survive, pursue better , and on the counter part, they’re the same like us, and also manipulated by their very own government.

Understand this big picture may eventually make the world a better place.

Or at least, in my dreams;

In [—-] we trust.

Trust Me

No, its not about God

The brand and the reputation matters, regardless you like it or not, it’s here, its how everything works?

Do you trust the newspaper you read? do you  trust the channel you watch or listen? do you trust someone? when is the last time you actually verified their sources? is it even possible to do that?

You trust them for the information they presented, you trust the brand quality or value they represent, which is why those that are reputable, will only goes bigger (most of the time); and we live in a age where we cant handle the truth (according to a Harvard study; source, oh wait, you dont trust these liberal sponsored stuff you said? well, get lost. Ha!)

Its never been a best time to lie, everything can be a conspiracy-driven and everything can be fake, as long as you ‘strongly deny any allegation against you’, you’ll be fine; or at least on the macro level.

As society grows more extreme, its a concern that we’ve lost the compassionate and empathy towards one another, a characmistic leader (populist included) able to talk their way into power, and able to convince the public that the opposition is utterly rubbish and liars, regardless of general opinion or politics or belief, but have we forgot, when was the last time you see someone as a person, just as he/she is?

But fuck that, he’s still wrong, cutting my queue is not acceptable;

If i don’t like it, its wrong.