21 Lessons for the 21st Century – Part B

The book by Yuval Noah Harari. This is a personal commentary/opinion/summary, it may be affected by my personal bias; after all if you’re interested, go read the book. (I’lll edit as i further revise the book back and forth) Despair and Hope Terrorism : Minimal impact, maximum result. Fear is the factor, statistic doesnt matter. […]

The less I know, the higher risk it gets.

In this case, at least from investment perspective, it doesn’t mean “high risk = high return” Alright, this is not a post about blockchain. But let’s take the crpyto craze for example, blockchain are trusted by many, truly understand by a few, as because it’s easy to earn trust, all you need is a few […]

Nationalistic and Patriotic – A hidden agenda

It is good to be nationalistic and patriotic, it’s a value that drives you to push the envelope further, the share common sentiment, to be less racist (race based politics is a different story), to work harder for the country, and in return, the country will compensate and treat you well (maybe) A common enemy will […]