Nationalistic and Patriotic – A hidden agenda

Hallway of isolation and oasis

It is good to be nationalistic and patriotic, it’s a value that drives you to push the envelope further, the share common sentiment, to be less racist (race based politics is a different story), to work harder for the country, and in return, the country will compensate and treat you well (maybe)

A common enemy will unite us.

However, how our country uses us to its advantage? Country lie, deceive us using state run media, overwhelming Facebook strategy and plenty of fake news and anti-[enemy name]-sentiment?

Degrading another nation, race, country in order to advance their own?

I believe we should be more empathetic, to know all humans are the same, we need to eat, live, survive, pursue better , and on the counter part, they’re the same like us, and also manipulated by their very own government.

Understand this big picture may eventually make the world a better place.

Or at least, in my dreams;

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