21 Lessons for the 21st Century – Part A

The book by Yuval Noah Harari.

This is a personal commentary/opinion/summary, it may be affected by my personal bias; after all if you’re interested, go read the book.

(I’lll edit as i further revise the book back and forth)


  • People lags behind as technology advance
  • Work will/may gradually disappear
  • Politics will be powered by technology (even when they said its what God wants)
  • Inequality


  • Communities are bridge by technology now, but we still have bodies…
  • Civilisation is ruled by dollar (for now), if you encounter a person who wanna live in 7th century, ask him whether will he/she burns all the dollar bill he posses.
  • Nationalism, as countries close border (like Brexit or Trump) but they still want free trade, no countries can survive 100% alone in this era.
  • We’re facing increasingly global challenge (environment, nuclear, technology), global challenge requires global solution; example, just because X country ban genetics modification, doesnt mean Y country will. And if Y country pursue genetic modification, X country will definitely follow the footsteps.
  • Religion : did well in some area – or especially in the past, but resulted in many of the challenge the world faces today.
  • Immigration : Do all human have the responsiblity to other human, because the globalised world are too inter-connected; or do government listen to voters? if voters say no to immigration, no woman or child that suffers in neighbouring country should be allow in?
  • Racism or culturism? “Its their culture” makes people discriminate? CultureA works well in CountryA, personA work in countryB, he/she wont be able to fit in, and hence racism appear as he/she is not promoted, faces challenge daily.

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