In [—-] we trust.

Trust Me

No, its not about God

The brand and the reputation matters, regardless you like it or not, it’s here, its how everything works?

Do you trust the newspaper you read? do you  trust the channel you watch or listen? do you trust someone? when is the last time you actually verified their sources? is it even possible to do that?

You trust them for the information they presented, you trust the brand quality or value they represent, which is why those that are reputable, will only goes bigger (most of the time); and we live in a age where we cant handle the truth (according to a Harvard study; source, oh wait, you dont trust these liberal sponsored stuff you said? well, get lost. Ha!)

Its never been a best time to lie, everything can be a conspiracy-driven and everything can be fake, as long as you ‘strongly deny any allegation against you’, you’ll be fine; or at least on the macro level.

As society grows more extreme, its a concern that we’ve lost the compassionate and empathy towards one another, a characmistic leader (populist included) able to talk their way into power, and able to convince the public that the opposition is utterly rubbish and liars, regardless of general opinion or politics or belief, but have we forgot, when was the last time you see someone as a person, just as he/she is?

But fuck that, he’s still wrong, cutting my queue is not acceptable;

If i don’t like it, its wrong.


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