The beginning of Infocalypse — the end of trust in everything.

Photo by Kayla Velasquez on Unsplash

This shit is poorly written, without structure and bad writing in general. Do not read it….I’m doing it for myself, thou.

‘Reality Apathy’ —Avid Ovadya
“Beset by a torrent of constant misinformation, people simply start to give up. Ovadya is quick to remind us that this is common in areas where information is poor and thus assumed to be incorrect.”  (source Buzzfeed  )

It is not the Four Horseman (Terrorist, drug dealers, pedophiles and organized crime) of Infocalypse that trigger the end of days, Perhaps It all starts from the top? — politicians and authority, abusing the power of info (big data),  manipulation of human weakness to win election via fake news and how modern society is designed, is The Welfare State  destined to collapse?

Technology like Open Source Deepfake and Adobe VoCo are destined to change the world as we know it, currently in its infancy – DeepFake is used mainly to create AI Porn for famous actress, and particularly Nicholas Cage been swap with random film all over the internet (I wonder why?). To many amateurs- its all fun and games; to the Four Horsemen, and additionally to politician, authority or Activist, it will be a super acceisible  tools to create fake videos of opponents, to topple establishment, to oppressed activist and political opponents,—-and this, will be the new world we’ll all live in a world where we cant distinguish reality and fiction.

All truth will be fake when someone said is fake; and all fiction will be the true when ‘proof’ can be fabricate.

I’ve already have several ideas on how to utilize it for my personal gain — and i’m just a normal peasant (of course i wont do it), let’s put this tools to the hand of….a rogue politician? a rogue banker? a rogue ex boyfriend? What will happen next?

Misinformation, along with global warming, proxy wars, religious fanatics, extremist gaining popularity each day, is it truly a bleak future as Hollywood paints it? Yes, and we should be worry, BUT on a optimistic note, the human civilization been predicting the end of world many, many times–and each, we’ve survive, and that’s what makes us special.

Do not give up. Truth may be distort, but the closest human connection still felt relt, aren’t they? (another topic for another day)

We all play our role in our circle of friends and families, and we trust them. Always keep learning, be open, be respectful. Do whatever you need to keep yourself motivated, the solution to all of the world problems starts from within, start from you. “You’re never too small to make an impact.” (i google this).

Perhaps by looking at this image, we will feel better?

Image courtesy of SpaceX ‘Starman’

On a side note* If you miraculously read the above, feel free to leave a comment, i’m personally deeply interested in this issue (misinformation), do contact me if you felt that we can work something out too.